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    L+M in the Community

    At L+M Hospital, doctors, nurses and staff are also your neighbors and friends, so it's no wonder we're deeply committed to the health of our region far beyond the doors of our buildings.

    At L+M, we're determined to make southeastern Connecticut a better, healthier place to live, and that includes an array of outreach programs. In fact, L+M's "Community Benefits" totaled over $18 million last year, and our services are aimed at those who need it most, such as expectant mothers, infants, senior citizens, and those who are homeless.

    There are many reasons for what we do, but the most obvious is quite simple: we believe in giving each other a hand up. Because we live here, too. And, like you, we care.

    The broad range of L+M Hospital's community benefit activity includes educational programs, health professions internships, partnerships with community organizations, and subsidized health services. L+M provides a safety net for those most in need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our emergency department. Healthy Start supports good outcomes for pregnant moms and the Nurturing Families Network helps parents to raise healthy children.

    Another major aspect of L+M's community involvement is subsidized healthcare services for those in need, ranging from emergency and trauma visits to neonatal intensive care. The CT Cancer Screening program serves women who qualify with receive free exams for breast and cervical cancer and men and women with free colonoscopies.

    When it comes to community benefits, it's often the little things that make the biggest differences. Consider what happens each day at the Homeless Hospitality Center in New London: an employee from the shelter drops off dirty sheets at L+M Hospital; they return to the shelter with clean ones. It happens every day, all year, free of charge, thanks to L+M. The service saves the shelter time, boosts the moral of the guests who always sleep on clean linens, and, most importantly of all, the service saves the shelter many thousands of dollars.

    Most people understand what a hospital does when someone is hurt or sick, or needs surgery. There is so much more to the story, however, and the community benefit activities of L+M Hospital play a big role.