Spine Pre-Op Surgery Class

    Wed, 02.22.17 2:00 - 3:00 pm Wave Cafe Meeting Room

    365 Montauk Avenue
    New London CT 06320


    The goals of the pre-surgical class are to improve patient readiness for surgery, provide a realistic overview of the hospital experience and recovery, decrease the anxiety that comes with elective surgery,  treatment and recovery, and prepare the patient and family for post-discharge care needs.  You only need to attend one class.
    Classes are held every other Tuesday and Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:00pm in the Wave Cafe Conference Room,
    off the main entrance at L+M Hospital 365 Montauk Ave, New London. 

    While you are here, you may want to have your blood work or any other tests that your surgeon ordered at out Outpatient Laboratory Services department.  

    To register for a class:

    Call Monica Pepin, RN at 860.442.0711, ext. 4885 and leave your name, number, and the class you would like to attend

    OR, Email to JointReplacement@lmhosp.org with name, number and the class you would like to attend.

    Please Note: You will not receive a confirmation phone call – you are considered registered for the class. You will be contacted if the class is cancelled or changed. You can also check the status of a class by checking the website at lmhospital.org. Classes are listed under Classes +Events.

    Main Campus: Classes are held in the Wave Café Conference Room which is located in the main entrance of the hospital at 365 Montauk Avenue in New London.

    Cost: Free
    Availability: This class has expired.
    For questions about this class: Contact Us