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    Patient Relations

    Being admitted to the hospital, or having a family member or other loved one admitted to the hospital can be very difficult. The staff here at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital wants every aspect of your care here to be exactly as you would wish it to be. Not just the medical care, but also your experience of receiving that care should be satisfying. There are many, many ways we go about ensuring that happens:

    Patient Rights and Responsibilities

    Our Patient Relations staff eagerly and respectfully provides a way for patients and families to address questions, complaints, grievances, special needs requests quickly and efficiently. Patients and their families may contact Patient Relations directly or by asking for assistance through staff caring for the patient.

    Volunteer Patient Liaisons

    During your inpatient stay, L+M volunteers will make frequent rounds to check in with you and your visitors. They will want to know if you everything that you need, or if there is anything that would make you more comfortable. Please, do let them know!

    Patient Satisfaction

    While you are here, please do let us know if we are not meeting your the hospital, you will know how they can help! After you use our services, or are discharged from Just let anyone on your health care team or the Patient Relations staff expectations. We want to attend to your needs and exceed your expectations. receive a phone call or a survey in the mail asking about Lawrence + Memorial. This will be from Press-Ganey, a national health care advisory company that helps us track patient satisfaction. Please take the few moments needed to talk to the surveyor on the phone or fill out the postage paid survey. It is important to us to keep improving the quality of our care and patient experience. We can't do that without you.

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