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    Patient Stories

    "I recently gave birth to our first child, Miles, at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital. I want to thank everyone there for making is such a wonderful experience.

    The night I went into labor, Dr. Auerbach and Mary Hurley (our labor nurse) took excellent care of us and made sure we knew what was going on at all times. In fact, everyone on the staff helped to put us at ease.

    Miles had some respiratory problems when he was born and had to go to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) immediately. We were frightened, but we were reassured by the speed with which everything was handled. My husband was allowed to go over to the NICU with Miles so he was able to see what was happening. Dr. Auerbach; Jeffrey Simpson, MD; and Hurley all checked in with us (and Miles) on a regular basis while he was in the NICU, and we were touched by their care and thoughtfulness.

    Miles spent seven days in the NICU. The staff invited us to sit in on the morning rounds, and Dr. Peterec, as well as the NICU nurses, always made sure we knew how our son was doing. It relieved our fears to be able to be part of those meetings, and we felt that everyone in the NICU was truly concerned about Miles' well being. The nurses helped us with breastfeeding, diapering and even made my first Mother's Day card!

    Miles got better. Today, he is completely healthy. After we brought him home, a visiting nurse checked in on us to see how Miles was progressing. From the obstetrician/gynecologist clinic right through home care, the experience at L+M was simply amazing.

    Thank you to everyone at L+M. You are fabulous and very much appreciated by our family. I'm telling everyone to have their babies at L+M!"

    - Hsin-yi Moore, New London

    "We were visiting from California when the stroke happened. The ambulance was called and we were sent to Lawrence + Memorial Hospital. The care my husband received at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital was superb… The nurses, doctors and technical staff were supportive everywhere we were sent. When Jim was placed in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, he was cared for with compassion, encouragement and excellent professional, skilled therapists… he would not be where he is today if it wasn't for the wonderful care he received in this department."

    - Marilyn Sponzo, California

    You all made me feel like you were friends and family and not just employees of a hospital.

    - Aleta Norton, Niantic

    "… I had a total knee operation at L+M… Well, it has been two years now, and I think I can say I'm safe now. I wish to commend your staff… I would not be where I am today if not for the dedication and effort that Ms. Higgins integrated into each rehab session… I can walk, jog, play… and most of all, chase my grandson."

    - Robert Pellerin, East Lyme

    "There are no words to express how much my family and I appreciate all the great care that I received during my recent stay… I can certainly attest to having A+ care from everyone… There was not one person that was not kind and considerate while helping me through a difficult time… At times I had embarrassing moments, and everyone just said, 'It's OK.' You have no idea how much better that made me feel… You all made me feel like you were friends and family and not just employees of a hospital."

    - Aleta Norton, Niantic

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