Patients with both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis can sometimes benefit from surgery.

      Arthritic patients experience varying degrees of discomfort, but the joints are almost always affected and pain can become severe. There are a number of drug treatments available, but surgery is a very common treatment when a joint is damaged to the point where the patient can no longer properlyfunction.

      In the case of knees and hips – also called arthroplasty – the joint is usually replaced with either metal or plastic, but in the case of a hand, the joint is usually replaced with either silicone rubber or the patient’s own tissue, such as part of a tendon.

      Some finger joints are better candidates for replacement surgery than others, so consultation with a doctor is critical in deciding whether the surgical option is viable.

      When surgery is performed, the artificial joint replaces the damaged joint, and excess cartilage is also removed from the affected area. Recovery time can vary.