L+M Cancer Center

    Conveniently located at 230 Waterford Parkway South, Waterford, CT 06385

    The Lawrence + Memorial Cancer Center provides local access to expert cancer care and treatment to southeastern Connecticut and the surrounding communities, including western Rhode Island and Fishers Island, New York.

    Driving Directions

    Directions to the L+M Cancer Center at 230 Waterford Parkway South, Waterford. 

    The L+M Cancer Center, a 47,000-square-foot facility located at 230 Waterford Parkway South, Waterford, Connecticut, features medical oncology services, GYN oncology provided by Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island and radiation oncology services provided by Yale School of Medicine radiation oncologists. Through these affiliations, cancer patients are able to remain close to the comforts of their home – and the healing support of their family and friends – while receiving world-class cancer care and oncology treatments.

    Comprehensive Care Treats the Whole Patient

    In addition to extensive clinical services, the L+M Cancer Center offers complementary care and support services. We recognize that a cancer diagnosis can affect every aspect of life for you and your loved ones; our dedicated physicians and support staff are committed to providing care for every area.

    The Lawrence + Memorial Cancer Center offers:

    • Medical Oncology
    • Radiation Oncology
    • GYN Oncology
    • Hematology
    • Coagulation Disorders
    • On-site lab & pharmacy
    • Expert treatment locally in Southeastern CT

    The L+M Cancer Center was built with our patients’ comfort in mind. In addition to the on-site lab and pharmacy, which provide convenience and improve ease of treatment, the facility's woodland setting provides a tranquil atmosphere for healing. As the building was designed, suggestions from cancer survivors, physicians, nurses and other care experts were implemented, creating a space that truly encompasses all facets of cancer care.

    Clinical Services

    Located in southeastern Connecticut, the L+M Cancer Center offers a number of clinical services in the treatment of cancer.

    Our clinical services include:

    • Medical oncology, includes chemotherapy and infusion treatments.
    • Hematology services, offered by our medical oncology team. Skilled care from compassionate, local providers for patients with any type of non-cancerous disorders affecting the blood, lymph nodes, and bone marrow.
    • Radiation oncology, provided by Yale School of Medicine. Radiation services offered at the Cancer Center include image-guided radiation therapy, intensity–modulated radiation therapy, cone beam computed topography, prone breast positioning, Calypso, Rapid Arc and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy(SBRT).
    • Gynecologic (GYN) oncology, by Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island. Providing specialized treatment for cancers of the reproductive system occurring in women, including, but not limited to, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer.
    • Lab services, available on site. For the convenience of patients receiving treatment at the center, laboratory testing services are also housed in the restful environment of the L+M Cancer Center.  
    • On-site Pharmacy services: The medical oncology unit includes an on-site pharmacyand is staffed by experienced Clinical Pharmacists, with oncology certifications in the practice of oncology pharmacy. The pharmacy staff is nationally certified Pharmacy technicians to assure efficient and safe preparation and administration of all chemotherapeutic agents. To enhance patient safety, use of advanced technologies, such as a computerized ordering system and bar-coded medications are deployed. Our pharmacists are available to answer patient questions. The pharmacy is unable to fill personal prescriptions.

    Our Team

    The Lawrence + Memorial Cancer Center, located in Southeastern Connecticut, employs a large team of specialists offering one of the best in comprehensive cancer care services.

    Interdisciplinary Staff

    • Director Nursing/Operations
      • Lauren William, RN, Vice President Patient Care Services + Chief Nursing Officer, L+M Hospital
    • Director of Oncology Services
      • MaryAnn Nash, M.S.RD MC CSO
      • Nursing
      • Ellen Cook, BSN, OCN,RN, Nursing Manager
      • Reanu Morton, BSN, RN, OCN
      • Heidi Schilke, BSN, RN, OCN
      • Katrina O'Campo-Sheehan, BSN, RN, OCN
      • Margaret Haire, BSN, RN, OCN
      • Jessica LaRoux, BSN, RN, OCN
      • Jackie Dean, BSN, RN, OCN
      • Kristin Roche, BSN, RN, OCN
      • Kim Tassone, RN, OCN
      • Laura Harrington, MS, RN, OCN
      • Jill Simmons, BSN, OCN
      • Sharon Day, RN, OCN
      • Nutrition
        • MaryAnn Nash, M.S.RD MC CSO
        • Natalie Smith, M.S.RDN
      • Social Work
        • Cathy McCarthy, LCSW
      • Certified Patient Navigator 
        • Karen Geary
      • Laboratory
      • Pedro Ugarelli, MS, BS, MT, Laboratory Manager
      • Sanela Begic, MT
      • Victoria Gagnon, MS, BS, MT, ASCP
      • Deborah Engdall, Phlebotomist
      • Judy Clark, Phlebotomist
      • Pharmacy
      • Melissa Hammel, RPh, Pharmacy Oncology Manger
      • Joan Rivington, PharmD, Board-Certified Oncology Pharmacist
      • Judith Roseman, CPht, Pharmacy Technician
      • Gemma Garcia, CPht , Pharmacy Technician

    230 Waterford Parkway South, Waterford, CT 06385


    Unique Collaborative Design Process

    The Lawrence + Memorial Cancer Center is a 47,000-square-foot facility conveniently located off I-95 at 230 Waterford Parkway South, Waterford, Connecticut.

    Driving Directions

    Directions to the L+M Cancer Center at 230 Waterford Parkway South, Waterford. 

    The L+M Cancer Center was designed with patient care, convenience and comfort in mind. The building incorporates input and feedback from clinical staff, patient advisors and cancer survivors, hospital directors and senior administration, along with architectural and construction professionals. The end result of this collaborative, innovative design process is a cancer treatment facility that offers the utmost comfort and convenience to patients, with the latest technologies in medical and radiation oncology.

    Understanding the importance of environmental sustainability, Lawrence + Memorial ensured that the facility was built to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification standards, and kept the natural landscape intact wherever possible.

    Patient-Focused Design

    The L+M Cancer Center was designed around three main elements: identity, region and patient. With its beautiful location in Southeastern Connecticut, classic New England architectural elements are a natural fit. The building exterior takes inspiration from the local use of brick, cedar shingles and windows, while the interior design concept centers on connecting patients with nature.

    Maintaining the focus on patient comfort, the windows with the best views of the serene, wooded surroundings are utilized in the spaces dedicated to individual care, including the private and semi-private infusion bays in the medical oncology department. The infusion bays further increase patient comfort through individual controls that ensure a consistently comfortable temperature. The reclining infusion chairs are specially designed with touch-control heated seats and massage.  Televisions are stationed at each infusion chair and bed, as well as in the main waiting areas.  Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility.

    In addition to the treatment bays in the medical oncology department and the state-of-the-art radiation therapy stations, a lab for monitoring treatment progress and pharmacy for dispensing chemotherapy and other medications are located on-site, providing convenience for patients and their loved ones.

    Referring A Patient

    At the L+M Cancer Center, we are committed to providing prompt communication and, collaborating with you on your patients’ care/treatment is a top priority.

    To refer and/or schedule an appointment for an adult patient, please call Karen Geary, Patient Navigator at 860.444.3744, ext. 3154 who will collect the necessary information to schedule an appointment for your patient or a family member.

    If you are a physician needing to speak with a medical oncologist or radiation oncologist prior to scheduling an appointment, call 860.444.3744 and you will be put in touch with the attending physician.

    Driving Directions

    The L+M Cancer Center is one of two L+M facilities located on Waterford Parkway South. Please click here for driving directions to the L+M Cancer Center, 230 Waterford Parkway South, Waterford, CT 06385.

    Support Services

    The Lawrence + Memorial Cancer Center offers a variety of cancer support services to compliment our clinical services. We understand that undergoing treatment for cancer can be a challenging time. The impact on your life, and your loved ones’ lives, can be difficult.

    To help our patients and their families, we offer the following support services:

    • Patient Care Coordinator
    • Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming. Adding the coordination of your own treatment plan, only diverts your focus from the most important thing and that is you. A Patient Care Coordinator works directly with patients and families to help navigate their course of treatment. A Coordinator meets and follows-up with patients from the first encounter, as well as during and after their treatment, to ensure that patient questions are answered and that patients feel comfortable and cared for while at the L+M Cancer Center. The Coordinator will also communicate any patient or family concerns with members of the clinical team at the L+M Cancer Center, so that all caregivers will understand how to accommodate the individual needs of our patients
    • Meet L+M's Certified Patient Navigator  
    • Karen Geary is the Patient Navigator at the L+M Cancer Center. In her role, Karen helps patients and families with any concerns they may have and introduces them to the L+M Cancer Center and the services available, as well as coordinating their first appoint with the oncologist.
      As Patient Navigator, she may facilitate communication between referring physicians and hospitals, to ensure smooth transition for a patient to the L+M Cancer Center including paper documentation needed for their initial consultation. She also greets a patient on their first visit and accompanies them to registration, to be sure nursing assessments are completed, answer any patient questions and reduce patient or family initial anxiety.
      To reach Karen, call the L+M Cancer Center at 860.444.3744, ext. 3154.

    • Financial Counseling
      • Our Financial Counselors can assist you in a variety of ways to suggest all options that are available and, which may help off-set out-of-pocket expenses while you are receiving treatment at the L+M Cancer Center.
      • Some options include:
      •  - Seeking financial assistance or drug replacement for chemotherapy drugs through the Pharmaceutical companies and other outside foundations.
      •  - Assist you in obtaining insurance coverage through the CT health exchange, if you do not currently have coverage. Our counselors are CT Certified Application Counselors.
      •  - Understand what may be available for financial aid through Lawrence + Memorial Hospital and assist with the application process. Click here for the Financial Assistance Application.
      • Simply contact our Cancer Center Financial Counselor to arrange an appointment to discuss your options in more detail, please call 860.444.3744, ext: 4498. Return your energies to your primary focus - you.
    • Oncology Social Workers
      • Oncology social workers help patients and their families navigate the emotional challenges and adjustments of living with cancer. Our support specialists can help to address the impacts on your home life, professional life, family and relationships.

    • Nutrition Counseling
        • Our dietitians will work with you to design a healthy diet to encourage healing and improve energy levels, while adjusting for any side effects that may be caused by your clinical treatments.

    • Volunteers
    • Volunteers provide wonderful support to the patients and staff at the L+M Cancer Center in many ways, including offering several programs and services to patients and their families:
      • Gentle Touch, massage to the hands and feet and is offered to the patients as well as their families.
      • Pet Therapy, a program where licensed therapy dogs come to the Cancer Center with their owners and visit the patients and their families.
      • Greeters, warmly welcome patients at the Cancer Center and escort new patients to their treatment waiting areas.
      • Volunteer “Runners”, may be found in the infusion area as well as waiting areas of the Cancer Center. These volunteers make rounds to be sure the patients and their families have everything they need, and offer support and comfort through conversation.
    • Spiritual Support
      • Chaplains are available to provide comfort, prayers, a listening ear as well as addressing deeper spiritual needs. If you would like to talk with a chaplain during your next visit, please call 860.442.0711, ext. 2305 to arrange a time convenient to meet. Chaplains are not stationed at the Cancer Center full-time, so a pre-arranged meeting is necessary. They will however, meet with you at the Cancer Center.