Cardiac Rehabilitation

    We offer a supervised cardiovascular fitness program, using a variety of exercise modalities.

    Have you or a loved one recently experienced a cardiac event? Have you been through a heart attack, bypass surgery, valve surgery or cardiac angioplasty? If so, then we may be of help to you during your recovery.

    Our cardiac rehab program is designed to meet your needs. We offer a supervised cardiovascular fitness program, using a variety of exercise modalities. An experienced and caring staff will work with you to improve your cardiac fitness and strength.

    Exercise classes are held three times a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at multiple times throughout the day. Classes are approximately one hour. You will be assigned to an exercise class and for the next ten weeks we will work together, providing support and encouragement for your return to a full and productive life.

    Cardiac rehab is not just about exercise. It also means changing one's life style and learning how to manage the progression of cardiac disease. That's why our staff feels strongly that the free educational sessions we include with our progressive exercise program are an important part of your recovery.

    **The Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital is an accredited program by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). This is a voluntary certification process.

    Improving Heart Failure Care at Lawrence + Memorial

    Heart failure affects nearly five million Americans each year. Heart failure occurs when the heart has been weakened by some type of damage that prevents it from pumping blood adequately to the rest of the body. Hypertension, renal failure, diabetes, coronary artery disease or a heart attack may all contribute to heart failure.

    Effective patient education, along with discharge instructions that address activity level, diet, discharge medications, follow-up appointments, weight monitoring and what to do if symptoms worsen are some of the key care components followed at L+M to improve patient outcomes.

    Lawrence + Memorial Hospital recognizes that good heart failure care follows the patient home. The cardiac rehab nursing staff is pleased to provide our heart failure patients with a free telephone follow-up program over the course of several weeks. Discharge instructions, medications, dietary restrictions and follow-up appointments are reinforced. The staff can also be the "go-between" the patient and physician when clarifying medications or getting additional Lasix ordered for weight gain. Sometimes, just talking with a member of the cardiac rehab staff can be reassuring to the patient or caregiver as they cope with the diagnosis of heart failure.

    If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with heart failure and would like more information on our education and telemanagement program, please call: 860- 442.0711, extension 2582.