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    Childbirth Education Programs

    Lawrence + Memorial Hospital offers a variety of educational and support programs that will help you and your family prepare for the new arrival. Our classes are taught by experienced Certified Childbirth Educators who will help you prepare to meet the challenges of the labor and delivery process.

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    We offer several different programs that will provide you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the process of childbirth and new parenthood, and to connect with your partner and/or labor coach. Our classes are also a great way to connect with and form new social networks. It is recommended that classes be completed by the beginning of the 9th month of pregnancy (8th month for multiples). Registration is required for all programs. Please note that some classes fill quickly and early registration is recommended.

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    Not all of our classes are listed below, and/or available for online registration. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment. For a current list of available classes and dates, please call Leigh-Anne Sastre at 860.442.0711 ext. 2300, or send an email to

    Preparing for Birth -- Fee $60.00 per couple

    This class covers what to expect in the last trimester of pregnancy, the labor and delivery process, relaxation techniques, pain relief options, tips for the support person, hospital policies, interventions and cesarean section. This class is offered in two formats: a series of four evening classes, one-day a week and a one-day 8 hour blockbuster weekend class. A tour of the maternity unit is included with this class.

    4 Week Series at L+M Hospital, LDRP Resource Room. Each class is 6:00pm-8:30pm, unless otherwise indicated.

    1 Day Classes are held at  L+M Hospital, New London.  Classes are from 9:00am-5:00pm

    Marvelous Multiples -- Fee $60.00 per couple

    Designed to be taken during the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy, this class is a series of three evenings for couples expecting twins, triplets or more. Covering similar topics to the Preparing for Birth series, this class also includes a tour of the NICU and a visit with experienced families of multiples. Additional class dates will be added as needed. 3 week series at L+M Hospital, Each class is 6:00pm-8:30 pm.

    Preparing for Birth, A Refresher -- Fee $30.00 per couple

    This one-evening class is offered for parents who have previously taken a childbirth class. It covers information about changes in the delivery process, available options, review of relaxation techniques and a tour of the maternity unit.

    Preparing for Your Scheduled C-Section – Fee $30.00 per couple                     

    A one-evening class is designed for mothers who will be having planned surgical birth due medical or health-related conditions. It covers preparing for your hospital stay, how cesareans are performed, medications, and what to expect following the surgery. A tour is included in the class.                                

    Caring for Your Baby -- $15.00 per couple

    This popular one-evening class covers routine hospital tests and procedures, normal appearance and behaviors, and how to care for your baby at home. Topics also include: safe sleep, swaddling, bathing, feeding, carseat safety and guidelines for when to call the doctor.

    Caring for Yourself . . . After Delivery -- Fee $15.00 per couple

    This one-evening class will cover recovery from childbirth, postpartum depression, family role adjustments, and available resources to help you as new parents.

    Boot Camp for New Dads -- Fee $15.00 per person

    New Dad Boot Camp is an opportunity for expectant dads to connect with veteran dads for a frank discussion on the experience of becoming a father. We’ll talk about the opportunities and rewards of personally caring for our children, while veteran dads demonstrate holding, burping, changing, swaddling, and comforting crying babies. We’ll also discuss new parent-related issues, including:

    • Importance of father’s involvement in early childhood development
    • Developing a bond a with your new baby
    • Being supportive of your baby’s mom
    • Developing a parenting partnership
    • Creating a baby-safe environment

    This 3-hour, Saturday morning workshop is facilitated by trained vetern dads.

    Grandparents: A Special Role Fee $15.00 per couple

    This one-evening class discusses the changes in responsibilities from parenting to grandparenting, as well as ways to support the new family. Recent changes in baby care guidelines, as well as parenting and birth trends will be covered. A tour of the maternity unit is included. 

    I'm Going to Be a Big Brother/Big Sister -- Fee $15.00 per family

    This sibling education program is intended for children ages three and older and their parents who are anticipating the birth of another child. The informal class includes a film for children, a visit to the maternity unit, discussion with parents on how to integrate a new baby into the family and tips on dealing with sibling rivalry. Children will leave with a certificate as a Big Brother/Sister.

    Tours of the Maternity Unit -- Free

    Tours are by appointment only and are usually held in the evening. Please note: Tours are included with most of our classes. Tours meet at the Faire Harbour Entrance. Please call 860.442 .0711, ext. 2300 or email to schedule a tour.

    Breast-feeding Your Baby -- Fee $15.00 per couple

    This one-evening class is taught by a Certified Lactation Consultant. Class will cover breastfeeding basics, including proper latch-on, infant feeding cues, positioning and how to establish a good milk supply. It is suggested that moms bring their partner or a support person. 

     Breast-feeding Support Group -- Free 

    A bi-monthly support group for nursing mothers led by Kathy Mason, RNC,IBCLC. Moms meet to share experiences and support each other through the breastfeeding process. 

    Classes meet Tuesday Mornings, 10-11am in the LDRP Resource Room 

    Infant CPR -- Fee $15 per person

    This class is taught by a certified CPR instructor who will cover CPR and life-saving skills. It will provide you and your family members with skills that can turn a life-threatening situation into a life-saving one. 

    Classes meet in the LDRP Resource Room 

    Nurturing Families

    The Nurturing Families Network offers programs designed to help first time parents learn how to best care for their child. Their goal is to provide extra support and information, including education on baby's development, community resources and social activities for families. They offer three specific programs: Nurturing Connections; Nurturing Parenting Group; and Home Visits. These programs include phone support, social groups and education for families from prenatal to age 5. All programs are free. For more information on the programs offered and how to enroll, please call 860.442.0711, ext 2457.

    Prenatal Yoga

    Release tension, relax with other mothers, and enjoy a few quiet moments.  Stretching, gentle strengthening and working on alleviating the discomforts that are common with pregnancy.  Classes are held in Norwich.  For more information call Carol Klammer at 860.887.3388.

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    For more information about any of our programs or to schedule a tour, please call Leigh-Anne Sastre, RNC, CCE - Coordinator of Childbirth Education and Tours at 860.442.0711, ext. 2300 or email