Occupational Health Services

    We help you find the perfect balance between supporting employees and staying competitive in the marketplace.

    We understand the need to strike a balance between caring for your employees and caring for your bottom line (as well as your OSHA Log!)

    Acute Injury Care, Management and Prevention

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    Pequot Health Center in Groton
    860-446-8265 x7074

    • Walk-in acute injury care and case management
    • 24-hour coverage through Emergency Departments
    • Diagnostic Imaging: full service, including ultrasound, CT scan and MRI on site
    • Physicians Board Certified in Occupational, Internal and Emergency Medicine
    • Certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialists
    • Rapid return to maximum medical improvement
    • Lost time per case rate consistently under one day
    • Average time in clinic under one hour

    Work-Related Wellness

    Commercial Driver's License Physical

    • Flu vaccine clinics
    • Ergonomic demonstrations and training
    • Firefighter fitness program

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