Caring for our youngest patients

    L+M is committed to patient and family-centered care.
    Pediatric Care
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    Having a child in the hospital can be an anxious and overwhelming experience for both the patient and family. At L+M Hospital, our Pediatric Services team strives to give our pediatric patients and families the safest, friendliest, most compassionate, and highly competent care in the region.

    Patient and Family-Centered Care

    Patient and family-centered care is a delivery of care that recognizes the significance of the families in their children’s lives. The belief that parents are partners in caring for their child is central to how we take care of our youngest patients. We continually strive to be responsive to the needs of our pediatric patients and families and make the hospital experience more satisfying for all.

    Child Life Services

    Whether this is your child’s first visit to the hospital or one of many; hospitalization can be scary for both children and families. Our Child Life Coordinator is a child development and family studies trained professional with expertise in helping children and families cope with the hospital experience.

    Through the use of play, preparation for procedures, and emotional support, the goal of Child Life services is to decrease the stress of the hospital environment and promote a positive hospital stay.

    Inpatient Stay

    At the Hospital, L+M pediatric care is designed to provide a unique level of care for all patients younger than 18 years of age. Together with families, community pediatricians and specialists, our pediatric doctors and specially-trained pediatric nurses ensure that each child receives compassionate and expert care close to home.

    Pediatric Emergency Care Program

    L+M is the only hospital in Southeastern Connecticut that offers a distinct Pediatric Emergency Care Program. Staffed by physicians fellowship-trained in pediatric emergency medicine and pediatric-trained nurses, the program provides ER care specifically for infants and children up to the age of 18 years of age.

    The Pediatric ER is located at L+M's main Emergency Department, Faire Harbour Entrance in New London. It is open Daily from 3:00-11:00PM.

    If it is before 3:00 or after 11:00pm, bring your child to our main emergency room, which offers emergent care for patients of all ages by our board-certified, emergency medicine physicians. One of our Pediatric Hospitalists will work closely with our ER physician to ensure your child receives a pediatric consult if needed.

    Community Programs

    Healthy Start

    This program assists uninsured, pregnant women and their children up to age 24 months, to access insurance and prenatal care. For information or to make an appointment, contact Jessica Resto at 860.442.0711, ext. 2486.

    Nurturing Families

    This is a state-wide program that assists first-time parents with the challenges of parenthood and through the development of their baby. The program engages and supports parents before their first child is born through home visits, group-based parent education, information and other support. Contact Jill Larson at 860.442.0711, ext. 2457 for more information.