L+M Sleep Center

    As an accredited program by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, we offer the highest level of diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic interventions -- all within the comfort of a premier hotel.


    The Lawrence + Memorial Sleep Center, located in the Hilton Garden Inn, Groton, offers personal consultative services, individualized care and the latest technology in the diagnosis of sleep disorders in children and adults in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

    Under the on-site supervision of a board-certified sleep specialist, we offer diagnoses and treatment for patients suffering from daytime sleepiness, snoring, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and other sleep disorders.

    Unique to the area, the Lawrence + Memorial Sleep Center accepts patients aged 2 years and older. Combining the amenities of a premier hotel, we offer a relaxing atmosphere for the highest level of diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic interventions. The Lawrence + Memorial Sleep Center is equipped with the industry-leading technology and equipment, allowing for the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment that sleep medicine has to offer. Aside from delivering the "gold standard" of health care, every measure has been taken to ensure your comfort and safety. Our rooms not only accommodate children, parents, adults, but also those with disabilities and special needs.

    American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accreditation

    Accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) distinguishes the Lawrence + Memorial Sleep Center as a facility that provides the highest quality of care in the field. The AASM Accreditation sets the "gold standard" by which the medical community and the public evaluate sleep medicine facilities.


    To Make an Appointment

    Sleep Center patients are seen on-site at the Sleep Center. In most cases, sleep studies are conducted in the Sleep Center at the Hilton Garden Inn, Groton, CT. Studies are conducted at all times of the day to accommodate any patient's sleep-wake schedule. To make an appointment for a consultation or for more information, please call 860-444-4742.


    Disorders evaluated and treated at the Sleep Center include: insomnia, sleep related breathing disorders (i.e. sleep apnea), problems associated with excessive daytime sleepiness (i.e. narcolepsy), problems with one's "biological clock" otherwise known as circadian rhythm. Abnormal behaviors during sleep (i.e. sleepwalking, nightmares/night terrors, sleep eating), and sleep related movement disorders (i.e. restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, teeth grinding).



      • Medical Director

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    • Amit Khanna, MD, FAASM, D.ABFM
    • Sleep Center Medical Assistant
      Lisa Roessler

    • Patient Service Specialists
      Anna Allison
      Kim Staigers

    • Sleep Technicians
      E. Rick Hazel, CRT
      Donna Allen
      Lisa Bailey
      Cynthia Guertin
      Stephanie Johnson
      Robin Mace, RPSGT
      William McGlynn
      Jeremy McWhorter, RPGST
      Karen Miraldi
      Pam Reimer, RPGST
      Michael Watts

    • L+M Home Medical Equipment
      Providing any necessary sleep-related equipment or supplies for your follow-up care.
      40 Boston Post Road, Waterford, CT 06385




    Lawrence + Memorial Sleep Center

    Hilton Garden Inn
    224 Gold Star Highway
    Groton, CT 06340 Map

    To make an appointment for a consultation or for more information, please call 860-444-4742.