Sports Medicine

    Providing your athletes with the best possible care for injury prevention and treatment -- all while helping them achieve top performance. 

      Serious injuries of any type can occur during any sports season - soccer, baseball, dance, gymnastics, basketball, etc. Organizing your program to include Lawrence + Memorial's Sports Medicine Team gives your athletes the best possible care for injury prevention and treatment along with achieving "top of their game" performance.

      Good communication, from the time of the injury and throughout rehabilitation, is crucial to ensure our athletes are getting the best care possible. Good communication is one of the benefits of a hospital- based Sports Medicine Team, where the team physicians, emergency physician, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists and imaging technicians all work very closely together.

      For more information

      Sports Medicine at L+M information or a FREE Injury Consult by a L+M Licensed Athletic Trainer contact us or call 860-271-4900.

      Licensed Athletic Trainers (LAT's) are placed in a school, department, or organization, daily or by contractual need. LAT's are trained to:

      • evaluate and treat injuries
      • triage injuries
      • prevent injury
      • implement rehabilitation techniques
      • care for sick athletes and educate after injury
      • refer to other health care providers when needed
      • provide game coverage - administer emergent care and pregame preparation

      Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists are committed to increasing sports performance while preventing possible injuries. We work with our contracted organizations performing in-season, off-season, and preseason conditioning. We hold injury prevention sessions, using scientifically based information proven to decrease the likelihood of athletic related injuries. Our strength coaches work closely with the physicians, therapists, and athletic trainers; paying special attention to those who are receiving care while adapting and changing programs in accordance to the athletes needs.

      Team Physicians are orthopedic physicians. Orthopedic physicians treat injury, prescribe medicine and rehabilitation, perform surgical procedures, educate on prevention of injury, and order MRI and CT Scans to help evaluate injury. Our organizations' team physicians are skilled in treatment of athletic injuries and will see athletes within 48 hours. Seeing athletes in a promptly will expedite the injury process and therefore allowing the athlete the best chance to recover quickly.

      Signature Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Services. When our athletes are referred for rehabilitation, they will be seen within 48 hours. Our rehabilitation team has a very good relationship with our team physicians, further encouraging communication and collaboration of care given to our contracted schools' athletes.

      Collaboration between the L+M Sports Medicine team - physician, therapist, and athletic trainer - will give your athletes the ability to return safely and quickly to their sports, and is carried out along HIPAA Guidelines.