Trigger Finger

      When a tendon that usually glides through the hand and finger smoothly, enabling flexibility of the fingers and hand, becomes inflamed and swollen, the result can be a finger or thumb that locks or catches in a bent position.This is called trigger finger.

      The problem can be caused by a number of conditions, ranging from arthritis and other chronic conditions to the use of heavy power equipment on the job.

      Limiting the aggravating activity, and use of anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injections can help relieve trigger finger, but for severe cases, surgery is an option. Trigger finger surgery involves an incision in the palm. The doctor then cuts the flexor tendon sheath to allow the tendon more room to move back and forth.

      Recovery from the surgery can take several weeks. Exercise is recommended for the hand to help with recovery, and referrals for therapy can be made to L+M’s Signature rehabilitation team, which includes certified hand therapists.