Things to know for your visit

The purpose of your visit is to: get a general understanding of how a hospital system functions, to gain knowledge of the department(s) that you will be visiting, and develop an understanding of the employer’s standards and expectations. While it is our most sincere hope that you enjoy the time you spend with us, we have a few basic rules and requirements that we need to be followed and met.

Things to keep in mind while preparing for your visit:

  • Professional attire, clean and neat
    • No jeans (if this is an issue please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention)
    • Feet must be covered (NO OPEN TOE SHOES)
    • Socks or stockings must be worn
    • No tank tops
    • No midriff baring shirts
    • No fragrances of any kind
    • Nails must be short and clean
    • No visible body piercing (a modest amount of earrings are allowed)
    • No visible tattoos
    • Keep jewelry to a minimum

Things to keep in mind while at the hospital

  • Turn off all cell phones
  • Maintain a professional manner
  • Stay with your host at all times
  • “What happens at L&M stays at L&M”
  • Do not ask your questions in front of the patients, but please feel free to askquestions
  • Use soft quite voices at all times
  • Do not go into treatment areas unless invited

Have a great day!!!!