What our Employees Say

"I am a proud employee of a dynamic and special health care system here at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital. There is a collective effort to constantly improve our services through evaluation and performing proven best practices. What I fine most rewarding is we strive for a culture of helping people and improving the health of our community"
Rick Hazel, Respiratory

"When I moved back to this area 8 years ago, this is the only place I applied to work at. I had plenty of experience and skills but I wanted to work in a facility that would offer me the potential for growth in the field of healthcare. It is wonderful to work in an environment where you know everyone by their first name, from the CEO to the housekeepers. What a great experience it has been working here, I hope to be lucky enough to retire from Lawrence + Memorial Hospital."
Stephanie Johnson, Sleep Lab

"I have been an L+M employee for 3 years but have been working elsewhere in the laboratory field for 16 years. Working at L+M has been an excellent experience…from working with co-workers of different ethnicities, great teamwork, respectful benefits, cutting edge technologies, and looking to the future."
Darleen Chretien, Laboratory

In my role in Information Technology, working at L+M is knowing in some small way that I'm helping to make improvements that will make a difference to a coworker and then ultimately to our patients and visitors.

"I've been employed at L+M for thirteen years and I can tell you that L+M is an establishment that cares about their workers and customers alike. They provide top health service to patients and offer employees fair pay, medical benefits and plenty of opportunities to advance professionally and educationally."
Jay Jodoin, Engineering

"L+M is a great place to work. I've been employed here for over 30 years. It's close to home and offers great flexibility while raising a family. The pay and benefits are great as well as the employees that work here!"
Kathy Brax, Finance

"Perhaps the computer application I'm working on will make someone's job easier so they are able to take better care of our patients, and spend more quality time with our patients and their families. Or perhaps a new application will help a physician pinpoint a difficult diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment without surgery or an invasive procedure."

"I'm also proud that our staff is very aware of what it means to provide excellent customer service, to go the extra mile, to show kindness to each other, our patients and visitors. L+M is about the people I work with. We're like a family and we support, depend, and help each other. We're a Team in every sense of the word. I've always been very proud to work at a not-for-profit organization. I'm proud that we are able to be of service to our community."
Helen Favello, IT

"I love my job! I love my patients! I would not want to work anywhere else. I think I was meant to be where I am. I work with a great group of people who work great together as a team. You never walk into a new patient's room alone, there are always 4 other nurses there to help, to give their expertise."
Marguerite Furman, CCU