The Lawrence and Memorial Benefactors Society (LAMBS) was founded in 1960 for the purpose of advancing the Hospital's education, medical equipment and research needs. Over the past four decades, nearly $2 million has been given to the Hospital from annual membership dues. Nearly every medical discipline throughout Lawrence + Memorial has at one time received assistance from The LAMBS for a major equipment purchase or to underwrite an important education program or study.

Membership dues are paid annually. Members can join at the Benefactors Level ($125) or the Patron Level ($200). Membership is the same whether for an individual or a couple.

Twice yearly, members are invited to social gatherings at premier locations around New London County. These parties offer an opportunity to invite guests as prospective members.

The LAMBS is governed by a Board of Directors and five Officers, who meet quarterly to discuss membership issues and make allocations to the Hospital based on approved capital items for the current year.

Currently, there are nearly 700 memberships in The LAMBS. This translates into over $115,000 raised for the Hospital each year through dues.

We encourage interested people to join this important group. You may contact us to request a brochure, download the brochure by clicking here, or join online right now by clicking Make a Gift Now