Nurses at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital are continually shaping care delivery in ways many others only dream of. Our vision, created by clinical nurses throughout the hospital, reflects the nature of our practice now and into the future. We apply new and emerging knowledge, analytic tools, and innovative techniques in care delivery all the while preserving the art and humanity of our profession. Our success depends on the brilliance of energized nurses contributing to the design of outstanding clinical care.

We will "Offer excellent, safe care" L+M nurses make use of evidence in putting into practice new methods of care delivery that promote the best possible outcomes for our patients. Resources are many and varied from the decision support resources on the internet, in our healthcare library, and among the many clinically colleagues. Our commitment to professional nursing practice is reflected in our Clinical Design Unit where new nurses are introduced to the very best of professional nursing as they transition from student to professional. A growing number of nurses are recognized for their expertise through certification and higher education, and our Clinical Nurse Ladder program. Professional nurses are vital members of action committees dedicated to patient safety, the prevention of hospital acquired illnesses and injuries, and emergency readiness.

We will "Focus first on the well-being of our patients" Nurses encourage patients and families to be active participants in all aspects of care. From our youngest preemies in the NICU to our centenarians, involving patients and families in care decisions is a cornerstone of patient-centered care. Doing so is evident in our practice of bedside rounds for a safe hand-off between nurses; nurse/physician rounding to coordinate patient care; and interdisciplinary rounds to assure a coordinated approach to helping the patient transition with ease and confidence between care settings.

We will "practice as an extraordinary team of passionate, innovative professionals" Safe care is only attained through the collaborative efforts and collegial relationships of our care teams.Whether debating a practice matter, using structured communication techniques (SBAR), employing our crucial conversation skills, or designing a new process, we work with shared goals and respect for one another. It is the richness of diverse perspectives that results in better decisions. An example of extraordinary teamwork is our Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) efforts. TCAB was first developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is now administered through the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) to "share a set of practical, easy-to-use tools" with the overall goal of improving the quality of patient care using new strategies developed by clinical nurses. Lawrence + Memorial Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the country selected to participate in the TCAB work to develop innovations that increase the time nurses are able to spend at a patient's bedside. In addition, nurses regularly participate on Processes Innovation Teams. These nurses put their "blue belt" talent to use as they analyze work processes and discover previously unimagined ways to make our systems more efficient for caregivers and more effective for our patients.

We appreciate the efforts of our nurses and welcome new nurses who share our spirit and passion for true teamwork, innovation, excellent care, and safety to join our special community of care givers. Patients trust us to always keep their well being foremost in our minds and central to our work. Lawrence + Memorial nurses strive every day to continually earn that trust.