Heart and Stroke Care Center

Our mission:

Improve stroke care and prevention in our region.

Our vision:

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital's stroke center uses a comprehensive approach emphasizing education and state-of-the-art intensive treatment to prevent stroke and improve the outcome and quality of life for stroke patients.

Why is having a "Primary Stroke Center" so valuable for the community?

Each year approximately 700,000 Americans suffer from a new or recurrent stroke. A stroke occurs every 45 seconds in the United States, and is the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. According to the Department of Health in Connecticut more than 1,800 residents die each year from stroke. It is the #1 cause of disability.

L+M Hospital is one of ten hospitals in the state of Connecticut with both the Joint Commission and CT Department of Public Health designation of "Primary Stroke Center" recognition of the high level of care we provide for stroke patients and their families.

What does this mean for you and those you care about?

According to Daniel Moalli, MD, Director of Lawrence + Memorial's Stroke Center, "This certification ... reflects our deep commitment to front-line stroke care in eastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island. This certification is critical because it means patients can count on L+M to deliver the highest level of stroke care across the continuum of care." In addition to Dr. Moalli, a team of highly competent staff in nursing, occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, case management and social work lead the efforts in achieving and maintaining this unique designation.

In diagnosis and treatment of stroke, time lost is brain lost. Our standard of care ensures that patients receive optimal treatment in the least amount of time, promoting better outcomes.