Pediatric Inpatient Program

Our Pediatric Hospitalists are Yale School of Medicine physicians who specialize in the care of children requiring inpatient treatment. They are onsite 24/7 to manage all pediatric admissions. They work closely with emergency room physicians, attend deliveries and co-manage both infants admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and surgical patients admitted to the pediatric unit.

A cornerstone of the Pediatric Inpatient Program is good communication and shared care with the primary care physician. The child's primary care provider is invited to join the inpatient pediatric team for Family Centered Rounds, at the bedside each morning.

The team informs primary care providers of a patient's admission and discharge from the hospital. Also, assists with the coordination of subspecialty follow-up appointments and other outpatient services.

Erica's Surgery

Listen to Erica explain what she experienced when preparing for her surgery.