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Intra-abdominal Surgery

As part of the Yale New Haven Health Digestive Health service line, L+M surgeons perform both open and advanced laparoscopic procedures to treat a wide variety of conditions. Among the more common surgeries are those for the spleen, gall bladder and gastro-intestinal conditions. 

Bariatric Surgery

L+M Hospital specializes in sleeve gastronomy and revision surgery.

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Colorectal Surgery

The latest laparoscopic surgical procedures are available at L+M Hospital for all types of colorectal conditions, including removal of tumors.

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Diverticulitis Surgery

L+M surgeons routinely perform minimally invasive surgery for diverticulitis if the condition is serious or if the patient is experiencing repeated episodes of diverticulitis. Traditional “open” surgery is for very complicated cases or when a minimally invasive approach is not feasible.

Hernia Surgery

All types of hernias are treated and repaired at L+M with surgeons using both the latest laparoscopic techniques as well as open repairs, depending on the specifics of an individual case.

Treatments vary, depending on the type and size of the hernia. We offer minimally invasive approaches to most hernias, including robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Our approach focuses on repairing the hole and stabilizing and, in some cases, reconstructing the abdominal wall to enable unrestricted activity, including work and exercise. In any type of hernia in adults, surgery is typically the best remedy in treating the condition and provides a durable repair.

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Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft-tissue tumors and skin cancers can all be removed at L+M with an emphasis on minimal scaring.