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Cancer Care

Cancer (Oncology)

The Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center in Waterford provides local access to expert cancer care and treatment to southeastern Connecticut and the surrounding communities, including western Rhode Island and Fishers Island, New York.

Clinical Services

Located in southeastern Connecticut, Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center in Waterford offers a range of clinical services in the treatment of cancer.

Our clinical services include:

  • Medical oncology, including chemotherapy and infusion treatments.
  • Hematology services, offered by our medical oncology team. Skilled care from compassionate, local providers for patients with any type of non-cancerous disorders affecting the blood, lymph nodes, and bone marrow.
  • Radiation oncology, provided by Yale Medicine physician specialists. Radiation services offered at the Cancer Center include image-guided radiation therapy, intensity–modulated radiation therapy, cone beam computed topography, prone breast positioning, Calypso, Rapid Arc and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT).
  • Gynecologic oncology, offers specialized treatment for cancers of the reproductive system occurring in women, including, but not limited to, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer.
  • Colorectal oncology specializes in treatment and surgery for cancers of the colon, rectum and anus.
  • Genetic testing, including genomic profiling of certain cancers in collaboration with the Tumor Profiling Lab at Smilow Cancer Hospital Center at Yale New Haven and Yale Cancer Center.
  • Lab services are available onsite for the convenience of patients receiving treatment at the Care Center.
  • Pharmacy services: The medical oncology unit includes an onsite pharmacy staffed by experienced Clinical Pharmacists with certifications in the practice of oncology pharmacy to assure efficient and safe preparation of all chemotherapeutic agents. To enhance patient safety, use of advanced technologies, such as a computerized ordering system and bar-coded medications are deployed. Our pharmacists are available to answer patient questions. The pharmacy is unable to fill personal prescriptions.

Beth Wilson

Lessons of Resilience

Getting through a pandemic takes perseverance. Fighting breast cancer as a single mother while getting through a pandemic takes something extraordinary.