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Volunteer at L + M

Lawrence + Memorial volunteers provide support and strength to our patients, families and staff.

Volunteers come from all backgrounds and age groups, they share a common desire to offer caring and compassion through service. Volunteers reap personal satisfaction and gain a greater sense of purpose by sharing their time and talents with others.

The hospital offers numerous positions in a variety of areas throughout the hospital - from administrative to patient support, to helping in the gift shop. 


Adult Volunteers

Anyone interested and willing to commit two or more hours per week to serve patients, families, visitors, and hospital staff is eligible to become a Lawrence + Memorial volunteer. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Junior Volunteers

If you are interested in submitting a name for our summer volunteer program, please contact the Volunteer Office in October for the following summer. 

Our junior volunteers are at least 15 years old and in good academic standing at school. Junior volunteers work mainly during the summer months and provide invaluable service to the hospital staff.


High School Students

We are excited to host the “Careers in Healthcare” discussion panel, a virtual webinar series hosted by Yale New Haven Health System Volunteer Services. The next webinar is 11 am - Noon, Jan. 17.

The webinar features panelists who are in clinical roles at YNHH. They will discuss the personal and academic challenges they have faced in pursuing their professional objectives. (Find out more about the panelists.)

Open the webinar 
(at the designated time)


Become a Volunteer

Contact Shelly Warrender

Phone: 860-442-0711 Ext. 2375
Email: [email protected]

Apply to Volunteer at L+M