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Artemis technology for prostate cancer imaging and detection

Using the latest digital imaging and tools, including the “smart” Artemis prostate biopsy, physicians and surgeons in the department of Urology evaluate and diagnose prostate problems to create the best treatment plan for a successful outcome.

The revolutionary Artemis targeted biopsy procedure is performed in the Urology Department at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital. It combines high-resolution ultrasound technology with 3D MRI imaging, allowing the urologic surgeon, with the help of diagnostic radiologists, to overlap the images for a more precise biopsy. That means patients can receive an accurate prostate biopsy in an outpatient visit to identify areas in the organ that may be cancerous. 

This technology lets urologists:
  • combine the MRI scan with live ultrasound images of the prostate to create a 3D map showing the exact  size, location and shape of suspicious prostate tumors
  • plan, navigate and record a prostate biopsy with pinpoint accuracy 
  • spare the patient multiple random biopsies by tracking where previous positive biopsies were taken, allowing for selective re-sampling in specific areas 
Patients may be a candidate for this if they have had:
  • an abnormal clinical exam 
  • a continually high PSA (blood test to detect prostate-specific antigen, a protein produced by the prostate that may indicate a risk of prostate cancer) over time
  • a previous negative biopsy with an ongoing high PSA
Diagnosis is just the first step in prostate cancer treatment at Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center in Waterford. Working with a team of specialty physicians, we coordinate the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment to provide each patient with a personalized care program.

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