Chronic Pain

    In addition to interventional techniques, our physicians focus on a multidisiplinary approach to healing.  

    Anesthesia Associates of New London

    Lawrence + Memorial Hospital
    50 Faire Harbor Place
    Suite 2D
    New London, CT 06320

    Phone: 860-444-5117

    Clinic Hours:
    Monday through Friday
    8:00am - 4:30pm

    There are many causes of pain, some due to injuries and others due to a variety of conditions like aging or environmental factors. The physicians of The Pain Clinic, Anesthesia Associates of New London provide comprehensive, individualized treatment of chronic pain using medication, pain injections and physical and rehabilitation service.

    The Pain Clinic is located in the Lawrence + Memorial Hospital and as such, works with other physicians in diagnosis and treatment that may be coupled with other conditions and interventions. In addition to traditional interventional techniques, we focus on a multidisciplinary approach to healing, which may include referrals to a surgeon, physical therapy, or massage therapy.

    Our physicians specialize in the treatment of spine disorders such as degenerative joint disease and disc herniations, neck and back pain, and facet arthritis. Besides ongoing physical therapy and non-narcotic medication management, the physicians may expertly perform injections specifically indicated for the patient's diagnosis.