Hospitalist Service Offers Bedside Care for Hospitalized Patients

Lawrence + Memorial Hospitalists provide seven-day-a-week, around-the-clock care, to patients in the hospital. These providers specialize in the care of individuals requiring admission to the hospital. They carefully coordinate your care with your primary care physician.

Improving Inpatient Care

With the trend toward more outpatient procedures, a greater percentage of hospitalized patients are seriously ill—and with more complex diagnostic and therapeutic needs requiring higher levels of coordination. The Hospitalist is on-hand to manage the complex care of these seriously ill patients.

Hospitalists, because they are hospital-based, can see patients on an as-needed basis, with more than one visit per day if necessary. They are readily accessible for family meetings, keeping everyone involved in the patient's care — including one's primary care physician —informed of progress as it occurs. They are readily available for unanticipated emergencies, and one-on-one consultations with appropriate specialists, surgeons and ER physicians.

How Patients Receive Hospitalist Care

When a patient requires admission to the hospital, the primary care physician refers the patient to Hospital Internists of New London. All pertinent information relative to the patient's diagnosis, medical history, medications and overall condition are forwarded to the Hospitalist.

During the patient's stay in the hospital, the primary care physician can contact the Hospitalist and consult on the person's progress as needed. Upon discharge, the Hospitalist prepares a summary of everything that occurred while the patient was in the hospital including any follow-up instructions. Following discharge, a complete summary is sent to your physician's office, usually within the first 24 to 48-hours.