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Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) scan is the latest, most advanced technology available in nuclear medicine and imaging for cancer detection and staging. This enables physicians to identify and treat these diseases earlier and more accurately.

Precision, Clarity and Confidence

PET/CT Scans and Cancer: PET/CT can detect small areas of disease, providing accurate and valuable data to guide highly targeted treatment and provide the most advanced imaging available with detailed information on anatomy and function.

PET/CT Scans and Heart Disease: PET/CT imaging provides a way to assess the severity of heart disease and measure its impact on heart function. Physicians can utilize PET/CT in screening for coronary heart disease, assessing flow rates and flow reserves, and distinguishing viable from nonviable heart tissue.

Safety and Convenience

L+M utilizes innovative readiation dose reduction techniques and the latest advances in PET/CT application technology to minimize the risks of radiation exposure to patients.

When indicated a PET scan and a full diagnostic CT can be captured simultaneously by a PET/CT scan during a single patient visit. This capability offers shorter scan times and less radiation exposure versus scans performed separately.