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General Diagnostic Radiology

General Diagnostic Radiology is the most familiar form of radiology. Lawrence + Memorial Hospital provides comprehensive radiology to its patients.

These procedures include plain film examinations, gastrointestinal studies, genitourinary studies, arthrograms, hysterograms, fluoroscopy etc. In any form of medical care, diagnostic radiology plays an integral part in the diagnosis of disease.

Radiography is a fancy name for x-rays. The exam consists of passing a small amount of radiation through the body to form an image that the radiologist interprets. A contrast agent is sometimes used to block the x-rays from passing through the selected body areas in order to obtain clearer, more detailed images. Fluoroscopy utilizes technology similar to x-ray; however, fluoroscopy allows the radiologist to examine the patient in real time using a monitor. The patient's anatomy is imaged and viewed as it functions.

Common fluoroscopy procedures include upper GI series, Esophagrams, Small Bowel Series, and Barium Enemas. Our department is completely digital with state-of-the-art equipment.